Personal Info tab – this is the main page to come up when the program is opened. Basic data on the Act! contact is shown on the left, and a picklist of contacts that have been viewed is listed for quick access. There are additional options to set up the picklist sort order. All Contact Data shows all of the Act! contact data for that record. The Setup button opens up the Setup menu.


Write Document tab – here is the page to create Microsoft Word documents. There are several options to Edit the document when created, Log and/or Attach the document to the Act! contact, Create a document for emailing. The Setup Documents tab is where the document attributes are set up


Document Scanning tab – on the right, there are preset buttons to set the attributes for scanned documents. On the bottom right is a grouping of settings and actions to support scanning. On the left is a complete Tree structure of folders, sub-folders and documents that can be expanded by clicking on the “DOCUMENTS FOLDER” label.


Sending Emails tab – send emails with ease! All fields are editable. An attachment can be added to any email under the Documents tab. Users can have a Blind Copy (bcc) sent to themselves, and emails can be automatically attached to the current Act! contact. Email messages are saved in the Document folder/sub-folder system as a Microsoft Outlook email.


Write Document tab – Setup Documents. On this page, Microsoft Word document templates are added and attributes assigned. One of the strengths of FasterAct is the ability to preset document attributes, so that the process of writing new documents for an Act! contact is quick and easy. There are a number of attributes and choices available. All templates are selected from the Act! templates folder.


Setup Page – On this page the user can select a number of different program attributes and choices. The Act! database can be changed, the colors for the program tabs can be changed, all email settings are set up here. Under Other Settings, the folder/sub-folder choices are set up. All Program Licensing is displayed and modified here. Under the Utilities tab, there are several helpful Windows setting utilities.