Why FasterAct?

Every day, businesses need to effectively and efficiently communicate with their clients, customers, and prospects. The Act! CRM was created expressly for that purpose. It is a feature-rich program that helps users do a better job at staying in touch with their contacts. With over 25 years of history and a loyal following, it is a premier application to help businesses communicate and promote themselves, and their products and services.

FasterAct was created to help Act! users achieve even greater productivity, in conjunction with the Act! database. While Act! has a function to write letters, the process is time-intensive and tedious. There is no native feature in Act! to scan documents. The email feature in Act! requires you to either use Microsoft Outlook, or the native Act! email service, both of which are somewhat limited in speed and usability.

In FasterAct, all letter writing and document scanning features are preset, so that the process of creating new letters and documents is quick and intuitive. Each contact has a Folder automatically assigned to their record. When writing letters, the Microsoft Word template is preset, along with all printer parameters (Printer, Tray, Duplex, etc.), whether the letter needs to be edited, and the sub-folder to store the completed letter in. For scanning documents, the document Name, sub-folder, and document attributes (Keywords, Author, etc.) are all preset. All processed letters and documents are automatically saved in the correct folder and sub-folder.

FasterAct has it’s own Windows folders structure, so that all processed letters and documents are quickly accessible. All letters, documents, and emails can be attached to the selected Act! contact, either at the time of creation, or at any time in the future.


Letters can be easily created with just the click of the mouse, and combinations (such as a letter and an accompanying envelope) can be created and processed at the same time. All processing is done in the background, so that, once the letter(s) are selected and processing is started, the user can immediately go to the next contact. Meanwhile, in the background, all letters/envelopes are automatically created, processed and filed in that contact’s folder. Letters are saved in the Microsoft Word format.

Scan documents

To scan documents, there are preset buttons that allow the user to simply insert the document in the scanner and click on the selected scan button. Document attributes – such as Author, Keywords, etc. – are also preset. The scanned document is placed in the correct sub-folder, and can be automatically attached to the ACT! contact. Scanned documents are saved in the Adobe Acrobat format.

Send Emails

To send emails, an email editor is included in FasterAct. Copies of the email can be blind copied (bcc), and (optionally) directly attached to the Act! contact. Emails can be sent with a document attachment, easily selected in the folder/sub-folders system. Emails are saved in the Microsoft Outlook format.

All letters, documents and emails that are attached to the Act! contact can be immediately opened in Act! In FasterAct, the unique folder and sub-folder structure for each contact means that all saved letters, documents and emails are easily located and opened with the click of the mouse.

We encourage you to do a free Trial, to find out if the unique combination of features in FasterAct are right for you. We believe you will see an immediate and significant increase in your daily productivity.

The best way to find that out is to try it out. Download the Trial version of FasterAct today!